Skagit Seed Services offers precision coatings and treatments for beet, brassicas, carrot, leek, corn, onion, shallots and other seeds. In addition, priming is available for onion seed. Our coatings are carefully selected for use in the Pacific Northwest’s specific climates and soils. They are thoroughly tested and quality controlled, and their reputation for reliable performance is unsurpassed. Our state-of-the-art coating facility is staffed with experienced personnel who are focused on quick turn-around-time without sacrificing quality.


SKAGITKOTE™ Pelleted Product

A light-density pellet with resilience designed to prolong seed health and promote uniform germination. Skagitkote is a proven performer.

SkagitAir Encrustment Product

SkagitAir is designed for the treatment of onion seed. Build-up is tailored to the customer’s planting needs.

VALUKOTE® Encrustment Product

Developed by Skagit Seed, Valukote® is a quality machine build-up for corn that improves seed flow and plant ability. Build-up is tailored to customer needs.

SKAGIT Film Coat

Skagit film coat encapsulates the seed in a thin film of high-quality polymers, enabling precise application of agrichemicals with virtually no change in size or weight. Dust-off is minimized and seed flow is improved.



Priming enhances the emergence of seeds, promoting rapid and uniform seedling growth.



THIRAM 42S – Tetramethylthiuram disulfide. Thiram is the standard seed treatment used on most species.

FARMORE F300 – Apron XL (Mefenoxam), Maxim 4FS (Fludioxonil), and Dynasty (Azoxystrobin).

FARMORE FI400 – Apron XL (Mefenoxam), Maxim 4FS (Fludioxonil), Dynasty (Azoxystrobin) and Cruiser (Thiamethoxam). FarMore FI400 treated seed should be used only for the immediate growing season (do not carry over). Available for brassicas, carrots, cucurbits and spinach seed.

FARMORE FI500 – Apron XL (Mefenoxam), Maxim 4FS (Fludioxonil), Dynasty (Azoxystrobin), Regard (Spinosad) and Cruiser (Thiamethoxam). FarMore FI500 treated seed should be used only for the immediate growing season (do not carry over). Available for onion seed only.

FARMORE OI100 – Regard organic insect control (Spinosad). Available for onion seed only.

TRIGARD – Cryomazine. For onion maggot control. Available for onion seed only.

ALLEGIANCE – Metalaxyl-N. Used for the control of pythium or damping off.

IPRODIONE – Used for the control of Alternaria. Iprodione is approved for use on carrot seed in Washington, Idaho, California and Nebraska only.

PRO-GRO – Thiram and Carboxin. Pro-Gro is for the control of onion smut. Pro-Gro must be encapsulated in a pellet.

The information provided on seed treatments is a partial description from the product label. A full copy of all treatment label information is available on cdms. net. It is highly recommended that you read the entire label prior to requesting treatments.